Our team provides top-notch athletic track installations that exceed industry standards.

In addition to our construction, repair, and maintenance expertise, we proudly offer a range of high-quality sports equipment, including state-of-the-art line marking machines. These machines ensure precision and accuracy, enhancing the functionality and safety of your athletic track.

1.Athletic tracks repairs

  • Athletic tracks equipment supplies & installation.
  • Athletic tracks painting & repainting
  • Sports field line marking  

Causes of damage

  • Any athletic track, particularly one in regular use, will have a natural lifespan after which it will require resurfacing to maintain its play characteristics.
  • If an athletic track has been neglected, natural deterioration & the requirement for repairs can occur sooner. 


  • Athletic track repairs are important for safety reasons & will extend the longevity of your Tracks surface.

2.Maintenance services 

  • Sometimes an athletic track that is in poor condition can be revived without the need for complete resurfacing. 
  • Often the appearance & playing attributes of the tracks surface can be restored through several one-off or routine maintenance 
  • These services are designed to help the track to maintain its appearance, restore playing speed, bounce regularity and grip, and help extend the life of your playing surface.

3.Athletic tracks resurfacing 

  • Over time athletic tracks can crack due to a variety of reasons, but primarily due to the contraction & expansion caused by changes in temperature
  • Additionally, the age of the tracks can lead to the need for resurfacing. The reason for this being that as the tracks is being used, deterioration is inevitable. 
  • Athletic tracks resurfacing is the most appropriate and cost-effective way of maintaining your tracks, compared to rebuilding.

4.New athletic tracks installation 

  • At Johannesburg Tennis Courts we construct the best and most durable athletic tracks
  • Our tracks are constructed with quality material by a professional team with experience.  

Contact us for a professional & accurate assessment of your athletic track needs.

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