Athletics Long Jump Board

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Reach for the Stars: Athletics Long Jump Board for Winning Performances

Prepare to excel in your long jump activities and competitions with our Athletics Long Jump Board. Designed to meet the needs of athletes striving for greatness, this board combines quality, functionality, and convenience:

  • The Athletics Long Jump Board is built to meet IAAF-approved specifications, ensuring its suitability for competitive use. With this board, you can practice and compete with confidence, knowing that you are using equipment that adheres to the highest standards of the sport.
  • Crafted from solid laminated pine, this board offers a sturdy and reliable surface for take-offs. The natural characteristics of pine provide excellent strength and resilience, allowing you to perform explosive take-offs and maximize your jumping potential.
  • The competition version of the Athletics Long Jump Board features a white finish with QD Enamel. This high-quality paint provides a durable and smooth surface, optimizing your take-off and reducing friction during your jumps. The white color enhances visibility, allowing you to precisely align your approach and achieve accurate take-offs.
  • The training version of the Athletics Long Jump Board is painted white with Polyurethane, offering a reliable and cost-effective option for training purposes. While maintaining the necessary functionality and visual contrast, this board provides a practical solution for athletes honing their skills during practice sessions.
  • The Athletics Long Jump Board is easy to store away, making it a convenient choice for athletes and coaches. When not in use, the compact size allows for space-saving storage in your training area or equipment room, ensuring a clutter-free environment.
  • Suitable for all long jump activities in athletics, this board caters to the needs of athletes at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or an elite competitor aiming for records, this board provides a reliable platform for your training and competition needs.
  • The Athletics Long Jump Board is available in both competition and training versions. The competition version meets the IAAF specifications and is designed for high-level competitions, while the training version offers a practical solution for athletes during practice and training sessions.
  • The dimensions of the board are 122 x 30 x 10cm, providing ample space for your take-offs and ensuring a comfortable and consistent jumping experience.

Equip yourself with the Athletics Long Jump Board and elevate your long jump performances to new heights. Experience the reliability, quality, and functionality that this essential equipment brings to your training and competition endeavors.

  • Athletics long jump board
  • IAAF approved long jump board
  • Solid laminated pine board
  • Competition-grade long jump equipment
  • Training long jump board


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