High Jump Fibreglass Cross Bars

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Discover the Perfect Fibreglass Cross Bars for Johannesburg Tennis Courts

Product Dimensions:

Length: 400cm
Specifications / What’s Included:

Elevate your athletic experience with our premium Fibreglass Cross Bars, designed for School and National Athletics meets, ranging from Club to IAAF standards. These durable 4-meter-long cross bars are the ideal addition to your sports equipment collection.

Get ready to take your high jump to the next level with our High Jump Fibreglass Cross Bars. Specifically designed for athletes at Johannesburg Tennis Courts, these 4-meter-long cross bars are perfect for School and National Athletics meets, catering to a range of standards from Club to IAAF.

Key Features:

Length: 400cm
Crafted from high-quality fibreglass for superior durability and flexibility
Ideal for athletes of all levels
Suitable for various competitions, from school events to national meets
Elevate your athletic prowess and achieve new heights in high jump with our Fibreglass Cross Bars. Order now and experience the difference at Johannesburg Tennis Courts. Please note that delivery details will be confirmed upon placing your order.


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