Long Jump and Triple Jump Distance Marker Board – 5m

R6 000,00

Join us at Johannesburg Tennis Courts to take your long and triple jump competitions to the next level with our Distance Marker Set. Whether you’re organizing a meet or practicing for a big event, these markers are essential for success. Simply fill in your details in the product enquiry form, and we will confirm the delivery details once your order is placed. Let’s make your track and field events precise and efficient together!



Description: Elevate Your Long and Triple Jump Competitions with Our Distance Marker Set

At Johannesburg Tennis Courts, we are committed to enhancing your track and field experience. Our Long and Triple Jump Distance Marker Set is the perfect tool for accurately measuring and marking distances for both long and triple jump events. Whether you’re an athlete or a coach, our marker set is designed to make your competition preparation seamless.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 430 x 45 x 35 cm

What’s Included:

  1. Versatile Usage: Our Distance Marker Set is suitable for both long and triple jump events, ensuring you have a versatile solution for various track and field competitions.
  2. Precision Measurement: The set includes markers starting at 5 meters and incrementing all the way up to 9 meters, allowing you to accurately measure and mark jump distances. These markers are vital for fair and precise competition.
  3. Easy Identification: The markerboard numbers are designed to be easily identifiable from a distance, ensuring judges, athletes, and spectators can follow the competition with clarity.
  4. All-Weather Durability: Crafted with a sturdy steel structure and coated with weather-resistant powder, this marker set is built to withstand all weather conditions, guaranteeing its long-lasting quality.


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