Polanik IAAF Air Flyer Competition Javelin

R3 200,00

Elevate your throwing game with our Premium Duraluminum Javelins, exclusively at Johannesburg Tennis Courts. Order today to enhance your performance and experience the precision and durability of these exceptional javelins. Confirmation of delivery will be provided upon order placement.



Description: Elevate Your Throwing Game with Our High-Quality Javelins

Experience superior performance at Johannesburg Tennis Courts with our Premium Duraluminum Javelins. These javelins are crafted from the highest quality duraluminum, ensuring outstanding durability and precision manufacturing.

Key Features:

  • Highest Quality Duraluminum: Our javelins are constructed from the finest duraluminum, providing strength and longevity to meet the demands of your throws.
  • Unparalleled Durability: With exceptional durability, these javelins are designed to withstand the rigors of practice and competition.
  • Tailored to Skill Level: Choose the right javelin based on the athlete’s skill level and desired throwing distance, ensuring a perfect match for all levels of expertise.


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