Rhino MP6 Rugby Climbing Shield

R7 250,00

Elevate your rugby training with the Rhino MP6 Climbing Bag, providing a safe and realistic way for your players to excel in high ball contesting. Place your order now, and confirmation of delivery will follow upon order placement.



Description: Elevate Your High Ball Contesting Training with the Rhino MP6 Climbing Bag

At Johannesburg Tennis Courts, we understand the importance of honing the skill of contesting high balls in rugby. Whether it’s during re-starts or open play, this skill is crucial for modern rugby players. However, live contesting players are essential for effective practice, and ensuring their safety is a top priority.

The Rhino MP6 climbing bag offers a practical solution. It allows passive players to position themselves realistically and safely for high ball contests. Coaches can guide their players to perfect their high ball skills without compromising safety.

Key Features:

  • Realistic High Ball Training: The Rhino MP6 climbing bag provides a platform for passive players to contest high balls in a realistic and safe manner, offering a valuable training opportunity.
  • Safe Practice: With a fully protected contesting player, training sessions can focus on high ball contesting without risking injuries to players.
  • Quality Construction: Our climbing bag is designed for durability and functionality, ensuring it meets the demands of high-intensity rugby training.
  • Compact and Lightweight: The bag’s compact dimensions (100 x 100 x 45.5 cm) and approximate weight of 11.00 kg make it easy to transport and set up for training sessions.


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