Rhino Tornado SS6000 Match and Training Soccer Ball


Elevate your soccer game with our Premium Rhino Tornado SS6000 Match and Training Soccer Ball. Order now to experience superior quality and performance on the field. Confirmation of delivery will follow upon order placement.



Description: Elevate Your Game with Our Top-Quality Soccer Ball

The Rhino Tornado SS6000 Match and Training Soccer Ball, available in size 5, is an exceptional choice for your soccer needs. At Johannesburg Tennis Courts, we provide this high-quality soccer ball to enhance your gameplay and training sessions.

Key Features:

  • Four-Layer Construction: This soccer ball is built with four layers, including one layer of 1.8mm non-woven material and three layers of PV (Polyvinyl) for outstanding strength and durability.
  • Weight & Circumference: The ball has a weight range of 425-435 grams and a circumference of 67-69cm, ensuring consistency and accuracy in performance.
  • Superior Materials: The outer material is made of PU (Polyurethane), while the inner material features one layer of 1.8mm non-woven material, three layers of PV, and one layer of Korean Vulcanized Rubber Sheet used in the lamination process. This combination provides a natural feel, improved flight, and precise ball weight.
  • Optimal Performance: The Rhino Tornado SS6000 Soccer Ball is engineered for exceptional gameplay and training, offering a superb playing experience for soccer enthusiasts.


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