Soccer-Rugby Combination Posts – 11m

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Enhance your sporting experience with our Multi-Sport Combo Goals. Order today to enjoy the convenience and versatility of these goals, perfect for soccer and rugby matches at Johannesburg Tennis Courts. Confirmation of delivery will follow upon order placement.

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Description: Elevate Your Sporting Experience with Our Multi-Sport Combo Goals

Product Dimensions:

Combo Dimensions (Width x Height): 732 x 1100cm Soccer Dimensions (Width x Height): 732 x 244

Specifications / What’s Included:

Elevate the versatility of your sporting facilities at Johannesburg Tennis Courts with our Multi-Sport Combo Goals. These goals are designed to meet the demands of soccer and rugby, making them a perfect choice for your multi-sport facility.

Key Features:

  • Each goal has a total height of 11m, providing a professional and imposing presence on the field.
  • The soccer base posts measure 732 x 200 x 244cm, offering a robust structure for soccer matches.
  • Standard net hook attachments ensure easy net installation.
  • Polyurethane coated for added protection and a professional appearance.
  • Rugby posts are attached at 560cm wide for rugby play.
  • Installed into sockets with a hinge and sleeve system, making installation easy and avoiding the need for on-site welding.


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