Whether you are envisioning an cutting-edge basketball court, dreaming of a home basketball court in your backyard, or in need of expert repairs and maintenance, we have you covered.

Johannesburg Tennis Courts not only excels in construction and maintenance but also offers a curated selection of top-notch basketball equipment. From hoop installations to court resurfacing, trust us to make your basketball court dreams a slam dunk reality.

1.Basketball court repairs

  • Basketball court equipment supply & installation.
  • Basketball court painting & repainting
  • Line marking  

Causes of damage

  • Basketball court surfaces can develop cracks, holes or start to break up if they are not regularly & professionally maintained.
  • Any sports surface, particularly one in regular use, will have a natural lifespan after which it will require repairs to maintain its play characteristics. 


  • Basketball court repairs are important for safety reasons & will extend the longevity of your court surface.

In terms of resale, a basketball court that is in disrepair may be seen as a liability or additional cost to a potential buyer and can reduce your property’s overall value.

2.Maintenance services

 Sometimes a court that is in poor condition can be revived without the need for complete resurfacing. This can be achieved through several one-off or routine maintenance procedures. 

Services include:

  • For hard, macadam courts we offer colour spray coating which helps to restore the surface’s playing attributes.
  • Mechanical brushing which redistributes infill and removes loose debris from the surface. We also undertake one-off or regular pressure cleaning of the surface with water.

These services are designed to help the court to maintain its appearance, restore playing speed, bounce regularity and grip and restore drainage characteristics.

3.Basketball court resurfacing

  • Over time basketball courts can peel & crack due to a variety of reasons. Additionally, the age of the court can lead to the need for resurfacing. The reason for this being that as the court is being used, deterioration is inevitable. 
  • Basketball court resurfacing is the most appropriate and cost-effective way of maintaining your court, compared to rebuilding. 
  • Scheduled court resurfacing will also help ensure that your court continues to look good.

4.New basketball courts construction 

  • At Johannesburg Tennis Courts we construct the best and most durable basketball courts
  • Our courts are constructed with quality material by a professional team with experience in the construction of all hard surface sports grounds.  
  • Our new courts come with new fencing, and poles, as well as all other related equipment for sports courts. 

Contact us for a professional & accurate assessment of your basketball court needs.

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